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Forestry Education Resource Blitz 

Tuesday April 20th, 4:30-5:30pm CST

Join staff from LEAF, Wisconsin’s K-12 Forestry Education Program, as we explore the forestry education resources that are available to science teachers. We will take a hands-on look at our free K-12 curriculum (including lessons that are appropriate for online learning), new video resources, tree identification tools, trunks and kits, and our new high school forestry scope and sequence. We will also learn about the School Forest Program and LEAF’s professional development opportunities. Participants will receive a PDF of the Project Learning Tree lesson “Climate and Our Forests.” Come prepared for discussion and hands-on practice!

Presenters: Nicole Filizetti & Steve Schmidt

 Register at


Savvas Learning Company (formerly Pearson K12 Learning) 

April 27th 4-5. or 5-6 

Flyer and Link to Registration 

4-5: Presenter: Monica Wadler (Curriculum Specialist, Savvas) |

Topic: Using Technology to Engage Students in Learning (Asynchronous or Synchronous)

Grade Band: 9-12

Description: In a classroom, body language and expression tells us a lot about student understanding, however what happens when we don't have the benefit of that interaction?  We can use technology to help bridge that gap.  In this session, teachers will learn how to use technology in ways to interact with students in a new way.  

5-6: Presenter: Andy Swank (Curriculum Specialist, Savvas) |

Topic: Teaching Through a Storyline.

Grade Band: K-8

Description: Learn to transform your science classroom by using a storyline to help students make connections to local phenomena.  Discover how easy it is to embed the science and engineering practices, crosscutting concepts and disciplinary core ideas in a way that inspires learning.  Is your science class short on time? This session will teach you how to focus on the most important science content, allows for maximum inquiry experience and provides students with lasting knowledge all in a way that is flexible enough to fit any classroom and is easy to implement.

UW-Superior SEL Game Show Night

Tues. May 11th @ 4:30

Teachers will not want to miss out on this fun, interactive UWS SEL Game Show. There will be nonstop fun in a game show format with trivia questions, quizzes, best practices, and teachers will walk away with some valuable resources they can implement immediately in their classroom. There will be prizes for everyone who attends and the big WINNER will receive a spa package.


UW Superior has teamed up with the amazing Michelle Bulin, MS teacher from Adams Friendship School District, who will share SEL best practices in a game show format with Kelli Abar, from UWS. Michelle has a BS from UW Stevens Point in Elementary Education Grades 1-8 and has been teaching for over 20 years.  Michelle also holds her SEL Certificate, K-12 Reading License, Restorative Practices, and Youth Mental Health First Aid Certificates. Michelle is a WEB Coordinator, New Teacher Mentor, and is part of the Building Leadership Team at Adams. 

Kelli Abar has a diverse background in education for over 25 years, from teaching high school, working in supplemental education, and now higher education where she is passionate about giving back to teachers and supporting their mental health. Kelli will also answer questions about UWS 100% Online Graduate Programs, Loan Forgiveness, and Scholarship/Grant Opportunities. UW Superior now has School Counseling, Administration, Ed.S. Superintendent/District Administration, Special Education, and an Instruction Program all online.  Kelli has a BS in English & Health Education from Northern Illinois University and a MS in Educational Administration from UW Superior.


Please register below for the best session:

Tues. May 11th @ 4:30 CLICK HERE TO REGISTER


Conversations in Biotech: Science Education Online 

Tuesday, April 6 at 5:30 pm CST

If you’re curious about what it’s like to earn a master's degree in Applied Biotechnology online, join us! Get an inside look at one of our courses: ABT 705: Ethics, Safety, and Regulatory Environments in Biotechnology. We’ll discuss what you'll learn in the course, preview assignments and projects, and show you how course content is delivered, as well as highlight the support we provide as you progress through the course. Learn from the best that the University of Wisconsin has to offer in a format that works with your schedule.

Registration link:


March 4 - NASA Webinar Series for Rural Educators 

It is no secret that both girls and rural students are underrepresented in the STEM pipeline. Rural girls experience unique barriers with their intersecting identities and experiences, and may benefit from mentors and strategies that aim to support their navigation through STEM fields. Join Albert Einstein Distinguished Educators at NASA Rachael Arens and Michael Guarraia for a freestyle conversation and workshop with NASA’s Jessica Taylor and Tina Harte on Thursday, March 4th at 7pm CT to gain effective mentor/educator strategies that enhance your ability to encourage and support rural girls in STEM. This webinar is suitable for all grades K-12 and any educator who wishes to support rural girls in their STEM journeys.


View the NASA 3D Flyer March 4th.pdf from NASA’s webpage and gain access to registration. Registration We hope to see you all on March 4th!


Gearbox Labs - Thursday, March 4,  4-5:00 pm and 7-8:00 pm. 

Are you looking for an innovative and tested approach to address NGSS’s science and engineering practices in your science classroom? Would introducing engineering design, physical computing, prototyping, and computational thinking to your students add the extra dimension of experience in your labs you are looking for? Are you ready to move to the next level of probes and devices to make science measurements?     Free Registration  Link 





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