Science on Tap "Nitrate in Wisconsin, Your County, and Your Home" Recording is Now Availab

"Science On Tap". - View recorded zoom Password: 6f*?=#7+

The first of two zoom sessions presented by WSST and hosted by members of Wisconsin's Green Fire. "Nitrate in Wisconsin, Your County, and Your Home" by Jimmy VandenBrook was shared on July 16th. The focus of the evening was understanding nitrate in the environment, its health effects, why it is the most widespread contaminant of drinking water in Wisconsin, and management options. Ideas for how to use this in the classroom was shared.

References related to nitrate in drinking water in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Groundwater Coordinating Council – Nitrate section of Report to the Legislature

Health effects of Nitrate in Private Wells – Also includes links to:

  • local public health offices

  • list of private labs testing for nitrate

  • information on nitrate from DNR

Nitrogen and Phosphorus delivery to the Gulf

Nitrogen fertilizer use efficiency for Midwestern corn systems

(Cassman et. al. 2002)

UW-Stevens Point Center for Watershed Science and Education

Well Water Quality Viewer: Private Well Data for Wisconsin

WGNHS Karst and Carbonate Bedrock Map

DATCP Nutrient Management Update – Status of nutrient management plan adoption

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