Back from School

Congratulations to this years 

Back to School  grant winners !

Allison Haas

Rio School District 

Zoology science kits 


Theresa Paulsen

Dodgeland High School

Rejuvenating Physics



Radium Girls: A novel of Intrigue and chemistry


Jay Gullickson

Inquiry Activity/Lab for 8th Graders


Amy Workman

Baraboo High School

Social Emotional Learning supports in Biology Classroom


Erik Duhn

Lab and Document Display Capabilities


Ted Snyder

Carmen High School, Cudahy

Fecal Coliform Test Kits for a Water Pollution Lab


Kathleen Hallenbeck

School District of Cudahy

Modeling Kits for the Cell Membrane


Mark Dickson

Scale Grant 


Amy Felcyn

Monroe High 

Inquiry Learning in Biology with Fast Plants


Katherine Lehto

Monroe High School

Kill-a-Watt Sensors