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Over $10,000 awarded annually

Foundation Grants for WSST Members  

2024 Grant applications - Deadline Dec 1st    

 " Some rules and restrictions may apply.  Click here to find out more information about rules and restrictions,

grant selection timeline, tips for writing a grant and rubrics for grant evaluation."


This $1000 grant can be used to reimburse costs of professional development (including graduate coursework for WSST members, professional development fees for WSST members, materials, or other costs related to a member's professional learning for WSST members).

Pre-service teachers Founder's Scholarship  


These scholarships of $500 each will pay for four pre-service teachers in elementary education or

secondary science education to attend the upcoming WSST conference, IDEALLY to go towards registration

for the conference, two hotel nights, and the Friday luncheon and banquet.


   Milton Pella

These grants support the professional activities of our members.  We award up to ten of these grants.  Each grant can have a value of up to $1000. Proposals may include:

  • Costs of attending professional conferences (including sub reimbursement, registration etc.)

  • Purchase of technology and its innovative use in the classroom

  • After school (informal science) programs

  • Innovative curriculum development

  • WSST programs (Science Futures and Adventures)

  • Winners are expected to present their results at the next WSST conference


The Byerly Grant is a memorial to Don Byerly. Don was instrumental in developing and sustaining Science World.  The grant, in the amount of $500.00 is to be used to improve the science classroom experience (including field trips) for students. Any WSST member is eligible for this grant, however the following order of preference is used to award the grant:  

  • Teacher or school is north of Highway 8,

  • Science World, Science Futures or WINGS staff member,

  • Science World, Science Futures or WINGS teacher participant,

  • Science World or Science Futures staff member,

  • Science World or Science Futures teacher participant,

  • WSST member with a worthy project 


 Foundations Stem Grant

These grants, up to $1,000 each, are to be used to improve STEM (science, technology, engineering or maths) learning for science students through the purchase of innovative technology hardware or other STEM equipment tied to a specific project or curricular topic. Any WSST member is eligible for this grant. Up to three grants will be awarded, ideally to an elementary project, a middle school project and a high school project.

  • Proposals need to be tied to a specific project or curricular topic

  • Ideas may include (but are not limited to): digital probes, digital microscopes, infrared cameras, robotics, micro-processors, coding kits or Makerspace equipment.  See for more ideas.

  • All technology hardware proposals must receive approval from receiving district technology department for compatibility with existing district devices.

  • These grants do NOT cover computer devices (laptops or tablets), separate software purchases or subscriptions, or consumable materials.

  • If district policy allows, equipment purchased toward these grants belong to the applicant(s).

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