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WSST Foundation

The WSST Foundation Committee's goal is to improve science education in Wisconsin by providing funds and guidance to the members of WSST. The foundation serves the members of the Wisconsin Society of Science teachers by supporting grants, scholarships and events.  The Foundation funds are separate from WSST and can not be used for operations.  The strength of the WSST Foundation comes from generous donations through contributions, memorials and bequeaths.  The members of the Foundation Committee are appointed by the president of WSST

Link to Grants 



President: Brian Bartel   

First Vice President: Denise McCulley

Second Vice President: Carol Ochsner

Third Vice President:  

Treasurer:  Tracy Swedlund 

Secretary: Steve Gustafson:


Support WSST by donating to the WSST Foundation.  These funds are dedicated to funding grants, scholarships and special initiatives in support of excellent science teaching in Wisconsin.

Contact Brian Bartel ( or Kevin Niemi ( for information on making a donation.

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