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Achieve's NGSS Evidence statements provide educators with additional detail on what students should know and be able to do. 

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WI Model Academic Standards

Science Content Analysis

The PDF linked below provides a comprehensive comparison of the NGSS and the Wisconsin Model Academic Standards for Science.

NGSS / WIMASS Comparison

Achieve provides multiple ways to view NGSS.

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Presentation NGSS  Standards

       Ambitious Science Teaching 

      science instructional ideas and tools that

      support the NGSS along with classroom



      The Wonder of Science 


      Paul Andersen’s website includes a

       range of  NGSS resources such as 

       phenomena and anchor charts linked

       to  each standard/topic.

Science Projects and Fairs 

 DPI website providing resources for

 longer-term science projects and

competitions where students can

share them.

Framework for

K-12 Science Education

This document serves as the "blueprint" for NGSS. It is a necessary requirement for understanding the new standards.  Download it for free.

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Concord Consortium


The Concord Consortium provides a searchable database of NGSS aligned lessons and simulations.

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STEM Teaching Tools 

range of PD modules and one-page

tools for understanding and equitably implementing NGSS instruction and assessment

Challenges Topics in Science 

 List of resources related to teaching climate change, evolution, vaccines, and general scientific literacy.

NGSS Science and Engineering Practices  List of resources related to teaching each of the science and engineering practices.

NGSS Resources

NGSS Evidence Statements

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