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2021/22 WSST Foundation Grant Recipients

Founders Grant

Amy Felcyn, Monroe High School

AP Summer Institute for AP Biology


Milton Pella Grant

Tiffany Lissick, New Richmond Middle School

International Yellowstone Educator Fellowship

The goal of this project is to meaningfully contribute to the in-field research project of tracking Yellowstone National Park’s five major ungulate species.


Beth Allcox, New Holstein High School

3D Integration in Science Classroom

This project will provide a 3D printer so students can create models of the subjects they talk about in class.


Mary Ellen Kanthack, Genoa City

Science on Saturday

This project will allow intermediate grades in the district to experience science outside of the regular science class-room, fostering a deeper interest in science.


Lisa Swaney, Horwitz-DeRemer Planetarium

Here Comes the Sun

This is a hands-on STEM extension project designed around incorporating multiple sun activities that is paired with a sun planetarium show.

Foundation STEM Grant

Brad Roost, Ripon High School

A Microscopic Approach to Teaching Aquatic Ecology

Funding would support the understanding of the role of macro- and microscopic organisms in aquatic ecology.


Zong Vang, Oshkosh Area School District Ozobots

This project will engage K-5 students in a hands-on collaborative and creative learning environment while introducing students to basic programming.


Elizabeth Prichard, Messmer Catholic Schools

Digital Microscopes

With the help of a digital microscope and viewing screen, students will be able to work together in groups to get a better understanding of life that is not visible to the naked eye.


Pre-Service Teacher Founder’s Grant

Morgan Fisher, Lawrence University


Byerly Grant

Mary McIntire, Stanley-Boyd High School

Science Enrichment Field Trip

*Awarded October 2022

2020/21 WSST Foundation Grant Recipients




Joanne Zosel

Solon Springs


Purchase lab equipment for physics experiments

This grant will provide Joanne’s students with the necessary equipment to perform laboratory experiments that they otherwise would just have to read about, hear about or see demonstrated instead of actually doing.  




Molly Carlson


Graduate School in Biotechnology

This grant will fund graduate work during the Spring Semester 2021 in Experimental Design and Analysis in Biotechnology and Leadership in Organizations.  Molly teaches Biology and Biotechnology at the high school level, and these courses will enhance her knowledge in this field and help her teach research techniques.




Terrence Neumann

New Richmond

Leadership in Curriculum Development

This grant will support Terrance’s personal leadership development. He has extensive experience teaching chemistry and aims to expand his knowledge of school-based program decision and curriculum implementation. This will allow him to take on more leadership roles in his district.  



Mary C Caucutt


Digital Frog Dissection

Mary will use this grant to allow her enriched science students and those in other classes in her district to participate in a virtual frog dissection using The Flinn Digital Dissection for the grass frog.  



Zachary‌ ‌Pratt‌ ‌


After school Bacteriophage research project

Zachary will create an after-school research program for high school students, allowing them to explore bacteria and bacteriophages, or the viruses that infect them. Students will participate in authentic research and communicate their discoveries with diverse audiences.



Lisa Swaney 


Interactive activities for planetarium lobby

The goal of this project is to incorporate educational, informative, hands-on, interactive displays that are designed to engage all in the school planetarium lobby.

This plan includes motion-sensing technology and projection systems, display panels that can be quickly changed depending on seasons and current events, and interactive kiosks that can be readily upgraded for a variety of topics.



Jonathan D. Baker


Citizen Science study of prairie plants

This grant will be used to develop an innovative, project-based unit on plant ecology in Jonathan's Conservation Biology class. The unit will focus on the exploration of the wet-prairie ecosystem found at his school’s Outdoor Learning Area, and will be centered around the driving question: “How can we best manage and preserve the biodiversity found in this rare wet-prairie remnant?” 



Emily Bennett


Hydroponics project for every school

This grant will help fund Emily’s goal of having at least one hydroponics unit in each building in her school district. She will work with a local company that builds hydroponics units to help students grow vegetables for school use, raise money for sustaining the program and learn about the science behind alternative ways to grow food.




Greg Rose


VEX robotics update 

Greg will use this grant to fund challenge game equipment in 8th grade robotics class.  The addition of competition game field equipment will  excite and motivate students to learn robotics in a gamified platform.  He will use that class as a launchpad to establish a robotics club that will one day participate in area robotics competitions.  

Grant Recipients 2020


Byerly $500 

Julie Lundeen

Cashton WI 

Founders $1000

Zong Vang   

Waukau Wi

Founders New Teacher $500.00

Faith Valentine  

La Crosse, Wi. 54601


STEM  $1000

Nancy Margis  

Racine, WI   



Michell Howe $1000

Lodi WI


Stephanie Baker   $630



Lisa Swaney   $1000

Waukesha, WI


Brianna Phernetton   $1000

Webster, WI


Mark Dickson  $566.70

Monroe, WI


Grant Recipients 2019 


Byerly $500 

Kay Coates     

Crandon, Wi

Founders $1000

Jamie Lauer    
Hartford Union High School


Kathy Biernat   $912
Franklin, Wi

Jeff Crumbaugh  $956
Clintonville Wi

Christine Fuller  $805
Eagle River Elementary School


Emily Swanson  $1000
Madison, Wi

Grant Recipients 2018 



Christine Fuller 

Eagle River Elementary School

Survival Skills at the School Forest



Erik P. Duhn 

Adams-Friendship HS

Summer Grad study at South Dakota

State U.


Matt Lindsey 

Little Bits Electronics for Littles

Dennis Rohr

Local Groundwater Research Project

Ms. Andi Winkle 

Environmental Education and Outdoor Pursuits


Sarah Mrozinski 

STEM Coordinator 

St. Francis Borgia School 

Michelle Howe 

STEM Integration

Kristin Michalski 

East Troy High School Science

Research Internship with the Raicu Group at UWM 

2017 Grant recipients  


Byerly Grant  ($392)

Beth Allcox (Lab Toolboxes)

New Holstein


Founders Grant ($1000)

Jacquelyn Curran (Graduate Degree)


Pella Grants ($1000)

Sarah Adumat (Shapiro STEM Garden)



Amanda Nothem (Science Club)



Constance Rauterkus (Digital Microscope)

Oconto Falls HS


Shelly Rudnick-Peterson (Digital Microscopes)


Shirley Stoltz (Mondarchs)


Natalie Topper (Greenhouse Engineering)

Menomonie Middle School


Front and Center Grant ($150)

Danielle Balistrieri  Fennimore HS

Mike Damp  Nikolay MS

Jennifer Koziar  Edgewood Campus School

Jeff Schmid  Two Rivers HS

Melissa Wimmler  Columbus El

2016  Grant Recipients

Founders:  ($1000.00 each)

Nicole Goff National Board Certification

Hatley WI 54440 

Pella Grant:  ($1000.00 each)


Kathy Biernat, MS Google Cardboard in the Science Classroom

St. Mary’s Visitation School 

Timothy Cox Outdoor Science (student gardens, learning stations)

Berlin, WI 

Scott Wagner Eighth Grade Renewable Energy Field Trip  

Berlin Middle School 

Danielle Balistrieri Learning STEM using Arduino, an open-source 

Fennimore High School electronic platform

Chris Madden Hands on Technology (digital probes) 

Elroy, WI 

Pella Grant: No Applications

2015 WSST Grant Recipients

Founders 2015

  • Karen Olson 

Byerly 2015 

  • Hayley Prusak

2014 WSST Grant Recipients

Founders 2014

  • Katie Kastenson Schmidt

  • Amy Schiebel


Milton Pella 2014:

  • Susan Cohen

2013  WSST Grant Recipients

Founders 2013:  

  • Susan Enders ($650)

  • Katie Kastenson and Suzy Zietlow  ($1,000)


Milton Pella 2013: 

  • Julie Kautzer ($1,000)

  • Jennifer Grant ($1,000)

  • Brad Wysocki ($954)

Science Partnership 2013:  

  • Lisa Tauares ($1,000)

Don Byerly 2013: 

  • Debbie Petzel  ($380)


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