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2023 Front and Center Grants


Science at their fingertips: Tello Drone

Gillian King

Woodworth Middle School, Fond du Lac


Teaching chemical bonding with Legos

Megan Hahn

Divine Savior Holy Angels, Milwaukee


Escape Room Supplies to Model Infectious Disease Spread

Megan Ourada

Two Rivers High School


Invasive Plant Sampling: Aquatic Sampling Rake

Jane Feely

Trees for Tomorrow


Biofuels: Inquiry Learning Stretches Students Thinking

Jamie Groark

West Allis High School, West Milwaukee 


Modeling Molecular Chemistry at the Bulk Scale using Building Blocks.

Beth Spear

Westosha Central HS, Salem


Accessing Science through Reading: Leveled Reading Books 

Teri Dillenberg

North Greenville Elementary School, Hortonville


Ice Machine for Open Sci Ed Implementation

Sara Hook

Lodi Middle School


Inquiry Modeling Using Water Kits

Tess Reimer

Sun Prairie West High School


Improving Teacher Observations with Seemeteach

Erik Duhn

iForward Wisconsin, Grantsburg


Read and Wonder: Science Books for Kindergarten

Sue Van Den Langenberg

Todd Elementary School, Beloit


Creating a Bridge to Connect Spanish/Dual-Language STEM Learners with English Dominated Planetarium Shows

Lisa Swaney

Horwitz-DeRemer Planetarium, Waukesha


Gel Electrophoresis MiniOne System

Anna Yelinek

Iowa-Grant School, Livingston


Hydroponics Growing Kit: OpenSciEd lab Materials

Autumn Lambert

Forence Middle School, Florence County School District


Wisconsin Teachers Data Clearing House (Open Access)

Shane Cullian

Whitewater High School


Weather Stations for 3rd Graders

Suzy Zietlow

Discovery Charter School, Columbus

Front and Center Grants 2022 

Dean Simon, Kimberly High School

• Kim Feller, Trees For Tomorrow

• Shelly Rudnick-Peterson, Trees for Tomorrow

• Megan Ourada, Whitelaw

• Robin Indermuehle, Land O' Lakes

• Beth Allcox, New Holstein High School

• Stephaine Baker, Wonewoc-Center

• Stephanie Ruder, Kenosha

• Amy Reimer, Core Knowledge/Verona Area

• Michelle Howe, Lodi Middle School

• Kristin Kyde, Hamilton-Sussex School District

• Julie Lundeen, Cashton High School

• Jeff Schmid, Two Rivers High School

• Julie Kautzer, Oakfield

  • Lisa Swaney, The Horwitz-DeRemer

• Sonja Gasper, Newman Catholic Schools

• Gary Graczyk, Mukwanago

• Tom Davies, Weston

• Sonja Schimmers-Wood, Kaukauna High School

• Yolanda Lloyd, DC Everest High School

• Jennifer Bault, Saukville

• Kasey Rachu, Abbotsford

• Susan Van Den Langenberg, Beloit

• Tony DeGrand, Westion

• Scott Jirik, DC Everest High School

• Tanya Monet-Bakken, Ripon

• Hallie Kopczynski, Cecil

• Molly Wallace, Lake Geneva

• Heather Wuske, Caroline

2019 Front and Center Grants 


Megan Ourada
Greg Franzen
Heather Wuske
Todd Hansen
Michelle Bartman
Michelle Howe
Jessica Dennis
Stephanie Ruder
Carolyn Reuter
Michelle Klysen
Crystal Schalliol
Heather Peterson
Lauren Burke
Dorothy Gwinnett
Tami Davis
Jay Gullickson
Lisa Swaney


At the 2017 NSTA Regional Conference in Milwaukee, WSST members submitted their ideas for a chance to win a Front and Center Grant.  Reviewed by the WSST Foundation, the winning ideas are showcased below.  


Bob Wild

Deerfield High School

In his new Forensics Science course, Bob will be purchasing supplies including an Edvotek Restriction Enzyme and Analysis kit, and the Vernier lab book: Forensics with Vernier.


Leigh Kohlmann

Rock River Intermediate School, Waupun Area School DIstrict

Leigh will purchase dry erase boards to pilot Argument Driven Inquiry with two other WSST members.


Sarah Kendrick

Madison Country Day School

To conduct her Yahara Lakes Watershed Unit, Sarah will purchase large planning boards to use in class, get better research tools, as well as get maps to show the watershed.


Jessie Tasev (Doyle)

Whitnall High School

In a Forensic Science and Crime Scene Investigation course (taught with a civics and psychology teacher), Jessie will be purchasing supplies for a student driven final assessment.  Possible supplies for purchase could include fake blood and related analysis kit, fingerprint kits, DNA electrophoresis materials, or other materials upon request.


Tina Gleason

Golda Meir, Milwaukee

Tina will be starting a Circuitry Fashion unit so her students can see the connection between Technology and other fields of study or interest such as fashion. Items purchased will include sewing kits, fabric, and other materials that utilizes circuitry, sensors, and /or electronics where students can design and create a sewn project that implements innovative technology and re-enforces what they have learned about circuitry and coding. 


Kathy Biernat

St. Mary's Visitation

Kathy will be developing an indoor garden to teach valuable skills like teamwork, balancing pH values, vegetable growth cycles, harvesting techniques, and the scientific method. Additionally, students will explore concepts like sustainability, healthy living, and food production. 


Julie Kautzer

Oakfield High School

Julie is going to build a graphing wall.  Located on a space in the hallway between the physics classroom and the 6th grade science classroom, she will work with her sixth grade science colleague to maintain the wall.  There will be a graph of the week and kids will add comments about the trend that’s represented, while adding comments about slope, intercepts and the overall trends represented.


Melissa Wimmler

Discovery Charter School, Columbus

Melissa will purchase a portable printer (such as a Sprocket) that can be used in the classroom. Students will be able to print photos that they can immediately put in their science notebooks so students can easily document how their learning in the lab and outdoors.


Greg Bisbee

Arrowhead High School

Greg will purchase a class set of The Serengeti Rules (Sean Carroll) for use in his Landscape Ecology course. This will supplement the current text Bringing Nature Home (Tallamy) that emphasizes native ecosystems and the way that insects link plants and higher animals.


Shirley Stoltz

St Mary School

Shirley will purchase a variety of Carolina Biological Supply's dissection mats for her classroom, where she will apply concepts she learned at the NSTA regional conference in Milwaukee.

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