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Wisconsin Science Education Leadership Association

The Wisconsin Science Education Leadership Association (WSELA) is an informal group of science educators that meets three times per year to discuss issues related to science education in their schools, districts, and across the state. WSELA has been meeting for over 25 years through the Eisenhower funding program and its demise, through No Child Left Behind, and now with Every Student Succeeds Act and the Next Generation Science Standards and three-dimensional learning in science and engineering. Anyone is encouraged to attend. The WSELA email list currently has about 200 educators subscribed to it. For more information and/or to join the WSELA listserv, contact Kevin Niemi,

Join the WSELA listserve. Email Kevin Niemi

April 11th, 2023, in the Community Room at Ripon High School. Anyone is welcome! We will meet from 9 to 3, with a light breakfast and lunch provided. Cost is $20 for return attendees or free for new attendees. Our agenda will include collectively revising an assessment to align it to the WSS/NGSS, discussing student feedback and grading, and dual credit options.

We're open to further suggestions! Email Kevin Anderson (kevin.anderson to RSVP or ask any questions." 


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