2021 Science Essay Contest is Now Open! 

For over thirty years, the Wisconsin Lakes and

Rivers Convention has been an annual gathering

of lake and river lovers of all stripes: Lake and

River Stewards, Lake Leaders, Lake and River

Professionals, and the members of the Wisconsin

Lakes Partnership. Meeting together to share research,

management options, and educational strategies, convention

participants gain new ideas and a renewed support network. This year, the event has gone virtual and has grown to be the first ever Wisconsin Water Week. Because students are such important water stakeholders, we invite them to join this network by participating in the essay contest.

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Winners 2020 WSST

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Science is not a subject you took in school, it’s life. We are wrapped by it, in it, with it. And one’s science literacy should never be viewed as a disposable dimension of one’s mind – not in this, the 21st century, where the engines of tomorrow’s economies will derive from wise investments and innovations in science and technology.



Winners of the 2018 WSST Science Essay Contest 


Student:  Derr Lewis

Teacher:  Nancy Lambert

Address:  Huegel Elementary, 2601 Prairie Rd, Madison, WI 53711



Student: Coral Schmidt

Teacher: Matt Gallo

Address:  Eagle School, 5454 Gunflint Trail, Fitchburg, WI 53711



Student:  Arushi Bharadwaj

Teacher:  Laurie Horne

Address:  Wisconsin Hills Middle School, 18700 W. Wisconsin Ave., Brookfield, WI 53045



Student: Neville Nazareth

Teacher: Jennifer Bault

address:  Nicolet High School, 6701 N. Jean Nicolet Rd., Glendale, WI 53217


High School

Science's Role in the Evolution of the World

Casey Kroening

Teacher: Laurie Leaf

Bruce High School (Bruce, WI)

Middle School

Why does Science Matter to Society?

Natasha Sokhi

Teacher: Nicole Nevers

Kohler Middle School (Kohler, WI)

Grades 3-5

Why Does Science Matter to Society?

Sharlotte Hanusa

Teacher: Alicia Dequaine

East Elementary (Baraboo)

Grades K-2

Why Science Matters to Society

Lexi Kenas

Teacher: Mary Kenas

Sullivan Elementary (Sullivan, WI)