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Conference 2023   



Co-Chairs: Patrick Mootz, Corinne Michor

Presenter/Vendor Gifts: Stephanie Ruder & Jackie Curran

Field Trips: Kristin Kyde, Tim Sprain

Conference App/Booklet: Kristin Michalski

Keynote Speakers: Corinne, Patrick

Equipment Adoption/Swap: Ray Scolavino

Rock Raffle: Dennis Rohr

Presenter/Workshops Scheduling: Rachael Lancor, Deanna McClung, Kelley Grorud, Amy Schiebel, Sarah Adumat

Social: Meridith Falkavage, Michelle Howe, Shelley Petzold, Denise McCulley, Stacey Strandberg


Behind the Scenes: Amy Reimer, Sara Ludwig

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