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Awards and Recogintion

 Past Awards         WSST National Board Certified Teachers  


General Responsibilities:   The Awards and Recognition committee shall consider nominations for the "WSST –Excellence in Science Education", the "Ron Gibbs Award", the “Friends of Science Education”, the “Frank Zuerner Award”  and other awards of WSST. The committee shall also be responsible for providing recognition of noteworthy accomplishments by WSST members which support the goals of WSST, review the selection process and, as necessary, recommend changes to the Board of Directors, study any proposals for the termination of existing awards or for the addition of new awards or other recognition, and make recommendations concerning those proposals to the Board. Committee Chair(s) will present awards to recipients at the WSST Annual Conference. The committee will send letters of recognition to awardees’ school district administrators as well as media outlets.


Awards and Recognition- 3/29/22


Miranda Dahlke email: 

Laura Ramthun 

Members: ​

  1. Tom Davies

  2. Nancy Smith

  3. Stephanie Bartels

  4. Michelle Howe

  5. Jennifer Bault 

  6. Karen Mesmer

  7. Sue Whitsett 

  8. Megan Sprague

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