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2024 Board of Directors  

Secretary: Stephaine Baker


Position Statement and vision for WSST: I've proudly served as WSST's Secretary for five years, cherishing every moment. WSST's legacy as a science education advocate inspires me to continue nurturing science education in Wisconsin as Secretary. My goal is to give back to an organization that's enriched my knowledge, improved my methods, and introduced me to countless dedicated teachers.


Vision for WSST

  • Advocacy: WSST's voice must remain influential in shaping Wisconsin's science education landscape. I pledge to strengthen our advocacy efforts by collaborating with policymakers, educators, and stakeholders. Together, we'll ensure science education retains its prominence in our state.

  • Professional Development: WSST's strength lies in providing resources and professional development for educators. I'll expand these offerings, granting members access to innovative teaching strategies, curricula, and technology tools. By encouraging idea-sharing and best practices, we'll enhance teaching quality.

  • Community Building: WSST thrives as a supportive community for science educators. I'll promote networking events, mentorship programs, and interactive platforms for knowledge exchange. Fostering a strong community empowers teachers to excel.


Why I'm the Right Choice

With a Bachelor of Science from UW-La Crosse and a Master of Arts in Instruction from Saint Mary's University, I bring a solid educational foundation. My experience teaching middle school science and technology at Wonewoc-Center Schools has exposed me to the field's challenges and opportunities.

As WSST's Secretary since 2019 and my participation in science workshops and mentoring roles, my commitment to science education is evident. Membership in professional organizations like ISTE and MESTA showcases my dedication to staying current.

In conclusion, I'm passionate about WSST's mission. If elected as Secretary, I'll passionately advocate for science education, provide valuable resources, and foster a strong community of science educators. Together, we'll inspire Wisconsin's next generation of scientists and innovators.

Thank you for considering me for Secretary of WSST. I eagerly look forward to continuing to serve Wisconsin's science education community.

Background Information:

-Bachelor of Science from UW-La Crosse

-Master of Arts in Instruction from Saint Mary’s University in Winona

District 5  Patrick E Mootz

Position Statement and your vision for WSST (not to exceed 400 words): I am honored to express my candidacy for the position of District Representative with the Wisconsin Society of Science Teachers. As a passionate educator, I am committed to advancing key principles that form the bedrock of effective science education: inquiry-based learning, collaboration, inspiration, and equity.

I firmly believe in the power of inquiry-based education to foster a deep understanding of scientific principles. By encouraging students to question, explore, and investigate, we not only enhance their knowledge but also instill critical thinking skills essential for their future success. I am dedicated to championing inquiry-based methodologies that empower students to be active participants in their learning journey.

Collaboration is the heartbeat of a thriving educational community. I envision a learning environment where students are not just recipients of knowledge but active collaborators in their educational experience. Additionally, I am committed to facilitating collaboration among fellow educators. By sharing insights, resources, and best practices, we can collectively elevate the quality of science education in our district.

Inspiration is the catalyst for a lifelong love of learning. I am dedicated to creating an engaging and stimulating atmosphere where every student is inspired to explore the wonders of science. Through dynamic teaching methods, real-world applications, and interactive experiences, I aim to spark curiosity and passion that extends far beyond the confines of the classroom.

Ensuring equitable access to quality science education is at the forefront of my vision. I am committed to advocating for resources and practices that address the unique needs of all students, irrespective of their backgrounds. By fostering an inclusive environment, we can break down barriers and provide every student with the opportunity to excel in the field of science.

In summary, my vision for the Wisconsin Society of Science Teachers revolves around promoting inquiry-based education, fostering collaboration, inspiring young minds, and championing equity. If given the opportunity to serve as District Representative, I am committed to advocating for policies and practices that advance these principles, contributing to the collective success of both educators and students in our state.


Background Education:  BS in Biology from UWSP Minor in Coaching, 

Present Teaching Assignment or employment:  Deforest Area High School 

Professional Activities:  WSST Conference Co-Chair 2023, DAHS Numeracy Team Member

Professional Organizations: WSST Member, NSTA Member 

Interests :  Coaching- wrestling, track and field (throws), rugby, the outdoors (hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, kayaking) 

District 6  Teri Dillenberg

Position Statement and your vision for WSST: I feel WSST is a wonderful organization to share resources with other teachers, and learn about new ideas and how to implement them. Educators become connected and can share science celebrations and concerns.


Background Education:  I graduated from Hortonville High school in 1988,went to UWO- graduated in spring of1994. 

Present Teaching Assignment or employment:  I took a position with Hortonville Area school District fall of 1994. I was hired to teach extended day kindergarten, their version of head start at that time. A few years later I chose to move to a first grade position, opted to join third grade, where I have been happily teaching ever since. I am currently employed at North Greenville Elementary.

Professional Activities:  NGES SEL team, Wellness Committee, and Farm to School 

Professional Organizations : WSST


Interests:  gardening, crocheting, and binge watching action thrills or sci-fi.

District 7 Stacey Strandberg

Position Statement: Becoming involved with a network of science teachers locally and globally has allowed me to express my passion to my students and peers in a more effective manner for the past seventeen years. Involvement in WSST and NABT yearly has given me the resources to bring new ideas and technology to my students which makes them more active learners in their education.  I love sharing ideas and talking through curriculum ideas with teachers and peers that have a similar passion for the classroom. For example, reading AP Biology exams for over forty hours in one week is not fun, but the level of learning I receive from reading the tests gives me a better understanding of a typical student’s misconceptions and therefore helps me to be a better teacher for my students.  Talking with teachers at the AP reading leads me to build relationships with other teachers and to ensure that I keep up with trends in education and science.  Sharing my summer workshop experiences with students allows them to understand that their education does not end when they graduate but should continue throughout their lifetime.  As the Biology department coordinator and department chair, I also encourage my peers to become involved with furthering their education and with engaging their students with a variety of science scenarios.  My desire is for my students and peers to see how engaged and passionate I am and how I continually look for ways to make a lesson or unit more interesting.  I want to be the teacher that allowed students to think outside of the box, the teacher that celebrated her students for not having the answer but instead wanting to go and find the answers to questions they did not even know they had.  My vision as a District Director for WSST would be to collaborate with more science teachers in my region to give them the support they need and the opportunity to grow in their science leadership positions within their schools and communities.  


Background Education:  

  • Miami University (Graduate school) MAT Biology Oxford, OH

           04/2019 – 12/2021

  • UW Oshkosh BS Biology

          09/1990 – 01/1995  Oshkosh, WI                                                                                                                                           

  • St. Mary’s University of Minnesota

          08/2005 – 01/2007


Present Teaching Assignment or employment:  

  • College-Prep Biology, AP Biology & 105 Dual Credit Biology teacher

  • Science Department Chair

  • Divine Savior Holy Angels High School Milwaukee, WI 


Professional Activities (limit to 5):  

  • WSST District 7 Director CESA 1

  • College Board/ETS AP Biology Reader

  • Introductory to Biology Task Force (IBTF)                                                                                                                                          Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Chevy Chase MD                            

Organized by National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT) 

Tasks Promote a unified vision for undergraduate introductory biology courses taught at community colleges, four-year colleges, universities, and high schools.


Develop directives and action plans with the overall goal of increasing successful implementation of standards and best practices that improve science practice skills in introductory biology.

  • Praxis Biology National Advisory Committee (NAC)

         Chauncy Conference Center, Princeton, NJ  

         Organized by Electronic Testing Services (ETS) 

         Tasks:  Review and revise the test specifications for the Praxis Biology test. 

  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Field tester of Biointeractive resources

        Tasks Evaluate resources, sending feedback about how to integrate their resources into the classroom.


Professional Organizations 

  • WSST membership (2008 – Present)

       Attends annual conference every year. Vendor coordinator 2016 & 2017. Vendors volunteer 2014. Conference planning committees volunteer           for 2019.

  • NABT membership (2010 – Present) 


Attends annual conference in the fall.

Published a lesson plan for ABT (American Biology Teacher) 

  • Model Teacher for 3DMD

Demonstrates and explains the use of modeling to teachers and students. 

  • WSST PD Committee Member

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