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2023 WSST Elections

2023 Board of Directors Candidates: President Elect, District 2 District 3 


Dennis Rohr




Position Statement and your vision for WSST:

I am running for WSST’s President because I wouldn’t be where I am today without the countless positive experiences from WSST sponsored activities and for each of the amazing people and talented science educators whom I have learned so much from over the years who make up WSST.  It is my goal to do everything I personally can to help each member feel welcomed and valued. We need to continue to improve our support to upper and lower elementary science educators. We also need to support rural science teachers so they feel connected with other educators. I also hope to move our membership as a whole towards best practices within the NGSS that include inquiry/phenomenon-based science, storylines, CER’s, data analysis/interpretation, collaborative learning, etc. 


I vividly remember attending my first WSST Conferences in 1991 in Manitowoc and 1992 in Stevens Point. I met some incredible educators who helped guide me into applying for Earth Science Resources (ESRA) and Science World for Teachers. I also attended Larry Scheckel’s week-long session where I took home all of those physical science demos, and I was hooked. I soon realized that my membership in WSST truly helped make me into a better science educator for my students, and attending the conference was where I was able to connect with other science educators. I found out that my struggles were also their struggles, and I discovered many new activities and/or sparked new ideas to share with my students.   


It was during Science Futures in 2013 that I realized that I too could help at the state level and give back to an organization and membership that continues to make me a more effective science educator. Since then, I have become the WESTA Chairperson, (thanks to a nudge from Beth Allcox) and I have helped organize the Rock Raffle at each conference since 2015.  I have led different Earth Science Field Experiences for members from 2016-2019 where we visited various geologic sites across Wisconsin. I have developed the Earth and Space Science Resources links that are found on the WSST website.  With Beth, we started the first Equipment Adoption at the Oconomowoc Conference. I currently serve as WSST's District 3 Director.  From my incredible experiences at WINGS 2022, I am currently working on creating NGSS-based Storylines for high school Earth Science classes and hope to organize a few interested educators to help begin to design/build these storylines. 


I would really appreciate your support with your vote for President.  


Background Education:  

Bachelor’s Degree in Broadfield Science (Earth Science) - Secondary Science from UW-Stevens Point in 1990.  

Masters of Science in Environmental Science - Solid Waste Management from UW-Green Bay in 1998.


Present Teaching Assignment or employment:  

Seymour Community High School (2000 - present): Biology, Astronomy, Geology

Marion Jr/Sr High School (1990 - 2000) Junior High Science and High School Earth Science


Professional Activities:  

WSST WINGS 2022 Planning Committee and Teaching Staff

WSST District 3 Director 2019 to Present. Member of the Executive Board from 2020 to 2022.

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction State Science Standards writing committee (Earth Science) in 2017.

WSST’s WESTA Chairperson (2015 - 2019).

WSST Conference Planning Committee each year (2015 to present) 


Professional Organizations:

Wisconsin Society of Science Teachers


Interests (optional):  

Working in our yard/garden, camping, homebrewing, restoring old beer signs, and spending quality time with my wife Janice and our girls. 


Tom Davies

D.C. Everest

District 2 Director


Position Statement and your vision for WSST: 

I am in my 19th year of teaching science at the high school level and have been a member of WSST since 2013. Through the years, I have attended many WSST conferences and been able to listen to dozens of inspiring educators present.  I have grown a lot as an educator, taking what I’ve learned at these sessions and applying it to my classroom. This past summer I attended WSST’s WINGS and was able to further my connections with excellent educators.  At WINGS, we discussed storyline/phenomenon-based curriculum, and this year, my biology team and I have begun this process using the Illinois Storylines. While at the 2015 WSST conference, I decided to join the Awards and Recognition Committee and I’ve been part of this ever since.  I’m excited about the opportunity to give back to the organization who has given so much.  As director I hope to be able to support educators in my district and provide them with resources and opportunities that can help them grow professionally.


Background Education:  

University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point:

Bachelors of Science - Natural Science Major - Physical Science Option, Chemistry minor

University of Montana - Bozeman: Masters of Science - Science Education


Present Teaching Assignment or employment:  

D.C. Everest Senior High School (2009 - present): currently teaching Biology and Conceptual Physics


Professional Activities:  

  • WINGS 2022 (Wisconsin Institute For Next Generation Science)

  • WSST’s Award and Recognition Committee from 2015 to present

  • presented numerous times at WSST conferences throughout the years

  • served as a member of the Buidling Leadership Team at D.C. Everest Senior High School (2019-2022)


Professional Organizations:

  • member of WSST since 2013 (a few additional years sporadically prior to that as well)

  • an active member of the Central Wisconsin Physics Group from 2009 until about 2019



hanging out on a lake, exploring national parks, spending time with my family, downhill skiing


Jayne Ryczkowski
District 3 Director

Position Statement and your vision for WSST: It has become increasingly important that we support all teachers, especially when it comes to STEM education. Implementation of NGSS standards have provided teachers with the opportunity to reflect and revise their current pedagogy and practices to ensure they are providing high quality STEM opportunities within their classrooms. However, much of this work is time consuming and difficult as schools face limited time, resources and aligned materials. My goal as District 3 Director would be to create a network within our region to support teacher’s journeys in the classroom by holding virtual share sessions and increased communication on best practices in the science classroom. Identifying science department and district strengths will be so valuable in this process as others can serve as model teachers and can provide support for others wishing to improve their craft. Identifying high quality professional development and teacher resources and curriculum is also of high importance. I am hoping to organize social events to help teachers engage in rich conversation on this process as well. With 10 years of high school science teaching experience, I am determined to provide the support I wish I had! 

Background Education: 

Biology, B.S. UW-Madison 2008 

Chemistry minor UW-Milwaukee 2009 

Secondary teaching certification UW-Milwaukee 2009 

National Board Certified Teacher 

Present Teaching Assignment or employment: 

Einstein Project - Learning Consultant 

Professional Activities: 

WSST Secretary 2018-19 

WSST Member 2009-present 

ACRES Coach (After school Coaching for Reflective Educators in STEM) 

Professional Organizations (limit to 5): 




Spending time with my family, raising my 4 daughters, running, Wisconsin sports, fishing! 

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