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Science Strikes Back

Science Strikes Back uniquely positions students alongside other community members and scientists to present research on local community issues and individual passions. We had over 200 people in attendance last year with almost 40 projects submitted from various schools and community groups. Judges represented various organizations from around Milwaukee including Milwaukee Area Science Advocates, Reflo Sustainable Water Solutions, Urban Ecology Center, Wisconsin GreenFire, and Arts at Large to name a few. These professionals spoke with participants about their projects and interests and submitted feedback that went back to the students.

Registration for Science Strikes Back is now live for anyone who is interested in submitting a project, participating as a judge or simply wants to learn more about the event. Previous projects have included investigating the best recipe for bath bombs to studying how watching Frasier affects knitting projects. You may also elect to not be judged or eligible for the prizes if all you want to do is share a passion project!

The purpose of Science Strikes Back is to bring a collection of curious people together to engage in questions and scientific investigation. We place the emphasis on inquiry rather than perfecting the scientific process and we find this opens the door to novice scientists as well as experienced researchers to share their discoveries in a community event fueled by curiosity and passion rather than strict academics. One of our goals is to welcome and invite folks who don't believe they belong in the scientific community back into it.

When: 5-8 PM Wednesday February 5, 2020

Where: 3628 West Pierce Street, Milwaukee, WI

There is a winner for each category and a winner for the grand prize that meets the "conservation in the urban environment" theme. Winners receive:

  1. A plaque designed by Escuela Verde students.

  2. Entrance into the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point Youth Summit (event occurs in April). Only for grades 7 and above.

  3. Reserved spot for the Wisconsin Youth Water Stories Summit (event occurs in August).

The grand prize is a piece of original art created by a local artist. You can see pictures of previous trophies here.

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