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American Modeling Teachers Association- Virtual Opportunities

Due to COVID-19 concerns and uncertainty with summer restrictions, AMTA and local hosts stepped up to create and offer virtual professional development courses in 2020.

AMTA is hosting the following sections:

Physics – Mechanics: June 22-July 9 with Nicholas Park (TX) and Ben Grimes (IN) as facilitators

· Chemistry I – June 15-July 3 with Erica Posthuma (IN) and Ryan Bruick (IN)

· Chemistry II – June 22-July 3 with Brenda Royce (CA) and Larry Dukerich (AZ) as leaders – co- sponsored by Cal Poly SLO – check for discount

· Biology – June 15-July 3 with Gloria Gajewicz (OH) and Clarissa Furlong (OH)

· Biology – July 13-31 with Renee Ashlock (AZ) and Tanea Hibler (AZ)

· Middle School – June 15-July 3 with Rachel Kent (MI) and Jessica Wagenmaker (MI)

· Middle School – July 6-24 with David Bates (MI) and Aaron Mueller (IL)

Many of our traditional workshop hosts are offering their professional development virtually as well, for details, please check the AMTA website:

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