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Apply for a $200 Front and Center Grant in LaCrosse!

From the WSST Foundation, Front and Center grants will be open for application at the WSST Conference in LaCrosse. Available to any WSST member registered for the conference, applications should describe a ~$200 project in 500 words or less that showcases an innovative idea in the science classroom. Plan ahead and have your proposal ready before you arrive at the conference.

Applications open Thursday, April 18 at the Vendor Social and close Friday, April 19

at noon. Laptops will be provided at the WSST booth, and a link will be available

online at

Some rules and restrictions may apply. Click here to find out more information about rules and restrictions, grant selection timeline, tips for writing a grant and rubrics for grant evaluation. Funds will be mailed to awardees after the conference concludes.


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