August Menominee Adventure Field Trip

Menominee Update:

If you can attend the August Menominee Adventure field trip, it is going to be something special. Activity will center on Iron Mountain, so look for housing or camping in that area. (There is a link at MESTA web site under "Events" with list of options.)

You will have a unique opportunity to see the initial stages of a new mining operations. Staff at the Back Forty Mine will show us local outcrops, rock cores, and other information that led them to conclude that this was a valuable place to invest in mine construction. We will also see the first stages of work on that mine. Because there has been some concern about environmental impacts of mining, they will also show us the hydrological studies and groundwater sampling system instituted. We will have an opportunity to quiz them about those topics and more. You may never have another chance to see the initial steps in starting a new mine.

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