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Back to School Science Grants from the WSST Foundation

The WSST Foundation is proud to present a limited time grant for the start of the 2021-2022 school year. These "Back to School Science Grants" will fund ~$250 ideas for a project that you'd like to implement within your science classroom at the start of the school year. Ideas should showcase innovation in the classroom with an eye on inquiry.

Applications for Back to School Science Grants will be open only for a short window (52 hours). All applicants will be expected to submit their grant application between Friday August 20, 2021 at 5 pm - Sunday, August 22, 2021 at 9 PM. The application must be 500 words or less. Selected grants will be announced and awarded by the end of September and disbursements should be made before the end of October.

Prepare your grant now, and check the WSST Website to complete your application starting Friday, August 20, 2021 at 5 PM.


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