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Darwin Day Event, February 12, 2022 - UW-Milwaukee

Darwin Day Event, February 12, 2022 - UW-Milwaukee

UW-Milwaukee's Department of Geosciences invites you to help them celebrate Charles Darwin's 213th birthday, as they hostDarwin Day at the Greene Geological Museum on Saturday, February 12, 2022. Darwin Day is a free scientific education event open to guests of all ages. Learn about paleontology, natural history, and evolution from UWM Department of Geosciences students and educators at ‘learning tables’. See real Wisconsin fossils and hear how these ancient animals once lived and died. Come experience Thomas Greene’s world-renowned mineralogical collection, including samples that cannot be found anywhere else. Have a pressing natural history question? UWM scientists will be present to answer your questions and give you an inside look into the active research at UWM. Have an interesting rock or fossil at home? Bring it in to get some expert advice on its identity and origin. Activities for young children will also be available. For more information aboutDarwin Day, please view the attached flyer, or feel free to contact any of the undersigned. Hope to see you there on February 12th.

Chase Shelburne

Sami Fleischman

Rob Graziano

For more science education fun this spring, check out UWM’s Science Bag shows: which include another geosciences event in March, when geophysicist Dr. Julie Bowles presents her take on underwater volcanoes! These shows are also free and open to the public.


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