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NASA Webinar Series for Rural Educators

March 4 - NASA Webinar Series for Rural Educators

It is no secret that both girls and rural students are underrepresented in the STEM pipeline. Rural girls experience unique barriers with their intersecting identities and experiences, and may benefit from mentors and strategies that aim to support their navigation through STEM fields. Join Albert Einstein Distinguished Educators at NASA Rachael Arens and Michael Guarraia for a freestyle conversation and workshop with NASA’s Jessica Taylor and Tina Harte on Thursday, March 4th at 7pm CT to gain effective mentor/educator strategies that enhance your ability to encourage and support rural girls in STEM. This webinar is suitable for all grades K-12 and any educator who wishes to support rural girls in their STEM journeys.

View the NASA 3D Flyer March 4th.pdf from NASA’s webpage and gain access to registration. Or go to the registration page Registration We hope to see you all on March 4th!


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