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Quantum Information Science Activities

We are seeking 6th-12th grade teachers in math, science, computer science, or engineering classrooms who are willing to participate in a pilot. The program will offer a small set of pre-packaged

for use in classrooms. The goal is for teachers to have their class test these out and provide feedback on how it went. Below are more details about this program.

QuanTime, consisting fun quantum information science-related activities, that is intended to take place during the school day in the classroom. It is intended to promote awareness and interest in quantum information science, but does not require teachers to know about this topic in advance.

Teachers: please fill out this form ( if you are interested in participating in the pilot. We cannot guarantee all interested classes can participate as we are looking to balance grade levels, geographic location, subject, and type of school environment. Thank you in advance and we hope you will consider participating in this program! Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions about this program.


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