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What’s a fish hotel? It’s a tree that’s fallen in a lake or stream. It’s like a hotel for fish because it provides what they need to survive: food and shelter. Large submerged trees can host entire fish communities!

ABOUT FISH HOTEL KITS The Fish Hotel Kit is designed to help students learn about the benefits of leaving trees in lakes. The kits are intended to be a Wisconsin fish-focused option for grades 1-5. The teaching guide provides discussion questions and activities and a list of the Wisconsin Science and English Language Arts standards that are met. The kit includes both a fiction and nonfiction book on this topic.


  • Fish Hotel, fiction - Full-color, 30 page hardcover picture book

  • Video of Fish Hotel (picture book) being read

  • Fish Hotels, non-fiction (20 student copies) - Full-color, 20 page companion booklet

  • Fish Hotel Teaching Guide

  • Wisconsin fish cards

  • Fish Hotel poster

  • A Second Life for Trees poster

  • My Lake Field Journal for student observations

  • Video links to short videos of fish swimming through real fish hotels

  • Teacher resource booklets:

    • A Second Life for Trees in Lakes

    • Impervious Surfaces: How They Impact Fish, Wildlife and Waterfront Property Values

    • The Water's Edge

* Fish Hotel Kits are provided by the Center for Land Use Education and the UW-Madison Division of Extension.


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