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Summer Institute for Climate Change Education

Climate Generation and the Teach Climate Network are coming to your home this summer! Join a network of teachers from across the country for this three-day virtual conference to learn new tools, skills, and resources to teach climate change in any subject area!

Climate Generation’s 16th annual Summer Institute for Climate Change Education will be hosted in partnership with The Wild Center’s Youth Climate Program and NOAA’s Climate Office.

Want to know more about last year’s Stay-In-stitute? Read the blog.


July 28-30, 2021

Scholarships available. Apply now.

20 hours of Continuing Education

  • Go beyond your computer screen and into your backyard and neighborhood to do authentic scientific and social data collection

  • Work with educators from your region to figure out what local climate change education looks like and to connect with community experts in your community

  • Explore resources and techniques for creating equitable educational experiences and scientific understanding grounded in social justice

  • Network with formal and non-formal educators from across the nation to learn about climate change education best practices

  • Engage with new resources through interactive workshops to bring climate change concepts into the classroom

  • Use phenomena and place-based learning to ignite curiosity, and support student engagement in action


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